Kings and Kweens!

Just wanted to take a step away from the all the madness to show our appreciation for everything you have done for us as a group and the underground revolution! You have made The Kottonmouth Kings who we are today and there hasn't been one second in the last seventeen years that we have forgotten that.

We have been working tirelessly to be able to bring you new music and want to make sure you know the greedy, evil forces trying to stop us from bringing it to you will never stop us! Standing up for your rights is a message we have always preached to our fans and now it is our time to do the same. We have become overwhelmed with gratitude from the support of the Free The Kings movement both online and at our shows!

With your continued support we will overcome our oppressors and come out stronger and better than ever! We have big things in store for the future! A new label, a new line, new tracks and new artists are coming your way as soon as possible. With your continued support spreading the word of freedom we can make it all happen! We love our fans and want nothing more than to get back to bringing you more classics!

Show Your Support!
Profits go towards the KMK legal freedom fund-Thank you for your support!! Stay down 4 tha Krown

"Robbery" was filmed at the YouTube studios in Culver City.
It is a true story about artists being exploited by corrupt managers and record labels.

It is a warning shot to all artists to handle and look after their business.

We hope this sheds light and helps to bring solutions to the
music industry's dark and unscrupulous side.